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Thank you for visiting Journey Beyond Average. I am in the process of creating new content. However, if I take the site down while creating, Google may get mad and forget about me. I surely do not want Google mad at me. What would happen then? I am though still coaching amazing people. I welcome your contact and questions.

I know trauma and know how some of the effects of trauma last. I know the darkness of trauma does not have to last. There is a light on the other side of trauma. I discovered living my dream, soaring, flying higher than ever before.

My wife and I raised three adopted children who came from abusive families and survived abusive relationships as adults. With my children I experienced attempted suicide, PTSD, bipolar disorder, depression, ADD-ADHD, medications, side effects, misdiagnosis, and residential treatment.

For twenty-five years as a minister and pastor in churches and fifteen years as a special education teacher I have supported adults and teenagers who have come out of physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, insest, rape, bullying, abusive relationships, and attempted suicide.

I was a special education teacher in Washington state for fifteen years working with modified, resource room, behavior disorder, life skills, and medically fragile primarily at the high school level. I served on campus and district committees, as department lead, and freshman class advisor. I retain my teaching certificate with Washington state.

My last class was for medically fragile students. Everyday I faced the possibility of a student not recovering from a seizure. There were times it was close. One day a student went home and never returned. A week later I attended her memorial service.

I have been through four major school incidents at three different schools. The most severe by far was Friday, October 24, 2014 when Marysville-Pilchuck High School was the site of a mass murder and suicide - 4 students were murdered, 1 critically wounded, and the shooter committed suicide. I was the first classroom law enforcement entered and escorted out.

I am now a PTSD survivor. Through exploring my PTSD, I discovered I have lived most of my life with undiagnosed depression.

I understand personal and mass trauma. I have lived and survived both.

"Right away, I could sense his integrity, and his courage to step outside the “typical” structure, in order to stretch me. After all, I signed up for this – to be challenged, to break through barriers, and find greatness that I’ve always known I have. Tommy would not let me fail." - Laurie

Journey Beyond Average
Tommy Price, Trauma Recovery Coach

Everett WA
Phone: 425-299-0336
Member of International Coaching Federation

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