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Reviews and Praise

Leslie, Web Content Specialist, Blogger, Author
Life coach extraordinaire, Tommy Price, was referred to me for coaching sessions by a trusted friend and an associate of Tommy's. Through several weeks of sessions I have seen amazing results, which I directly attribute to Tommy's leadership and personal development skills.

After making several important life changes on my own, I found myself stuck in a place of asking myself, "What next?" Through Tommy's weekly guidance and expertise, I identified the top projects I want to address in my life and looked beyond my personal challenges to set goals and milestones to make progress on my vision.

Since I began coaching sessions with Tommy I have started blog (with 24 posts to date), written 100 pages of a book about my experiences, and outlined steps and milestones to launch a business that reflects who I am and the values I want to endorse. I could not have made this progress without the support and tools that Tommy provided.Tommy brings a powerful combination of skill, compassion, and dedication to his coaching practice. I cannot recommend his work more highly.

Kristin Price, Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Coaching
"Tommy is an excellent coach and leader. Coaching with Tommy, you know that he will always hold you to your highest and greatest and constantly be with you through the ups and downs. He creates a compassionate and powerful space for you to vision big and dream deeply and empowers you in achieving those goals. I would highly recommend Tommy as a coach. "
Kristin Price

Laurie, Voice Coach & Singer
I had the honor of being a client of Tommyís, which was truly a unique and powerful experience. Right away, I could sense his integrity, and his courage to step outside the ďtypical" structure, in order to stretch me. After all, I signed up for this to be challenged, to break through barriers, and find greatness that Iíve always known I have. Tommy would not let me fail.

Tommy is deeply intuitive and real, which I relate to and respect. I trusted that he knew when to step out and challenge me, and when to support without judgement. He is different, uniquely refreshing, and passionate in his approach, and is not afraid to push you to find your own truth, and embrace all possibility! Thank you Tommy, for embracing your possibility and making a difference!

James Butler, Mindset & Performance Coach
"Tommy is an individual who is full of integrity, spirit, dedicated to achieving the best outcome, and a "beacon" for making a difference in peoples' lives and organizations' presence. As a coach, he brings an advanced level of compassion for his work, striving to in still the best in all he interacts with. Tommy is a leader amongst his community, sense of ease for those in pain, and a continued source of inspiration."
Reclaiming Warrior

David, Coach & Social Worker
ďTommy Price is a gifted, beautiful man. We are so fortunate to have access to his powerful support through a coaching relationship.

With Tommy as your coach you find yourself swept into the current of your own being. Itís like having a partnership with your own divine reflection. Access to the deepest, undying truths about you, beyond the beliefs you have about what you do and donít do, bathed in the richness of doing what you want because it is simply how you want it to go, what you want to be doing while being in love with your beautiful life.

The partnership Tommy provides is both powerful and fun. Tommy walks through your challenges with you, through direct listening and openness, steering you toward your right to live out the privilege of being you. Having a coaching relationship with Tommy Price is an extraordinary investment in yourself.

Journey Beyond Average
Tommy Price, Trauma Recovery Coach

Everett WA
Phone: 425-299-0336
Member of International Coaching Federation

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