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What brought you here today . . . looking information . . . desire for change . . . wonder what's next . . . not living you dream . . . tired of waiting . . . feel frustrated at life . . . lack confidence . . . stuck in the same place . . . dealing with change . . . handling tragedy . . . living with PTSD?

Now That You Are Here

You may keep reading or take a powerful step and reach out to Tommy right now. If not now, Tommy will be here when you are ready to take that step.

The Journey Beyond Average

The Average is where your life is now. The Beyond is where you want to be instead of where you are. The Journey is the path to your beyond average. Your average, your beyond, your journey is different than everyone else's. Coaching is not a cookie cutter approach. Coaching is as individual as you are.

What Do You IMAGINE For You

Tommy Price is powerful heart-centered Transformation Coach. He understands transformation from the inside out through his own deep personal transformational work becoming a coach. Tommy's coaching is described as supportive, non-judging, insightful, powerful, deep, generous, personable.

The word transformation is used a great deal but is often watered down. The example of a caterpillar to a butterfly is the usual example. Most believe the caterpillar goes into the cocoon, grows wings, and comes out a butterfly. The process is much more extreme and transformational than that simple example.

The most extreme part occurrs in the cocoon and is never seen. If seen, the process stops. Inside the cocoon the caterpillar changes at the genetic level dissolving itself to free up what scientist call imaginal cells. There is one imaginal cell for every part of the future butterfly. These imaginal cells live off the dissolved caterpillar, grow, and become a beautiful butterfly. The work inside the cocoon is extreme, deep, and messy but worth it and necessary for the butterfly. If the extreme, deep, messy work never happens, no butterfly emerges.

Maybe you see the beautiful people around you as butterflies. You may consider our self to be the caterpillar desiring to sprout wings and fly free. You never see the work those beautiful people do to transform into the person in front of you.

Tommy believes you and I have imaginal cells in our being desiring to be released. Letting go of baggage is the first step in your transformation and releasing your imaginal cells into your being where they grow and expand.

This is the work of coaching and the work that Tommy's clients willing take on each day with his support


Tommy Price, Transformation Coach
Everett WA
Phone: 425-299-0336
Member of International Coaching Federation

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